Monday, December 5, 2016

I Hope There Are Some Adults in Charge of the Fort Worth Police Department

This recruitment ad is funny, but really inappropriate for its intended purpose.


James Gibson said...

Surprisingly, Ft Worth is not having a recruiting problem given I hear they pay well. Dallas however is loosing men and finding recruits few and far between. As it is I would love to apply if shooting skill was the only requirement. Hitting the target at 15 yards isn't too difficult, though emptying the mag as fast as the instructor would be difficult. My problem however, outside of age, is my color blindness. And glasses won't do a thing for that.

Clayton Cramer said...

A friend passed the police academy, but no one noticed he was color-blind. As said as it is, it is a legitimate requirement even though it discriminates against men. Few women are color-blind; it is sex-linked, and only crossover causes female color-blindness.