Saturday, December 3, 2016

Doing Geneaology?

A niece is suddenly interested, and I have been giving her what I have (including records on 83,130 relatives) that I have stored in Brother's Keeper 7.1.  While hunting up Robert Soule, my most remote ancestor of which I have records, I discovered some other geneaolpgist had found a record of his father John Soule, born 1488, in Eckington, Worcester.  Searching found a reference to a John Soule who was apparently outlawed for his part in Wat Tyler's Rebellion in 1381.  This is in Calendar of the Plea and Memoranda Rolls of the City of London: Volume 2, 1364-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.  Same one, probably not; it is a hundred years before John Soule was born in Eckington, but first names often get bestowed on grandkids in the Soule family.  If he was outlawed in London, moving to Worcester would make a lot of sense.

If you are a BK7 user, can you tell me how to add parents to an existing individual's record.  What is obvious doesn't work. I am in the edit screen; in this case Robert Soule.  If I click Add parents button, or Add->Parents (menu) it says "Add either parent first then press Tab" which I assume means enter a parent's name in the Name: field; in this case John Soule; then tab to the Father button and click it.  But that says "There is no father attached.  To add a father, click Add, Parents."  I do that and it says that I am changing the name of Robert Soule to John Soule.

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Arthur said...

You might be better off saving your list as a Gedcom and using Gramps. As a free, still being developed, up to date ideas are present. You should be able to transfer your data with no losses and then can easily add parents and children.