Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sounds Like ISIS

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From Dec. 2, 2015 USA Today:
San Bernardino authorities reported Wednesday as many as 3 active shooters with rifles and "multiple victims" in San Bernardino near a golf course. Witnesses report shooters wearing ski masks and vests.

There were reports of multiple victims, Lt. Rich Lawhead said, according to the Associated Press. The San Bernardino Fire Department said on Twitter that there are reports of possibly 20 victims.

Police were also investigating a "suspicious device" at the scene.
Non-political mass murders seldom involve multiple attackers.

UPDATE: News reports say an attack in Pasadena now.  If you aren't familiar with SoCal, they are very close.  NBC mentioned this once and then poof!

L.A. Times is reporting they left a bomb.   Sounds more and more like ISIS.

UPDATE 2: Reports are identifying suspect as Farook Saeed. Strange name for a fundamentalist Christian Republican.

An L.A. Times reporter says:
Feds also theorize that one gunman was at the event earlier in the day to make sure a specific target was there, then returned.
Could explain how they knew his name.

UPDATE 3: ISIS isn't exactly taking credit, but they are celebrating:
“Three lions made us proud. They are still alive,” one ISIS adherent tweeted in Arabic after the shootings at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. “California streets are full with soldiers with heavy weapons. The Unites States is burning #America_Burning #Takbir”
 UPDATE 4: It's official: LA Times:
One suspect is named Syed Farook, according to law enforcement officials.  

UPDATE 5: Barack Hussein Obama keeps saying Islam is a religion of peace.  Latest update from L.A. Times:
After an afternoon car chase, two suspects were killed by police: Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. A third person was detained.  

Tashfeen was apparently wife or girlfriend:
They and other colleagues said Farook was a devout Muslim who rarely discussed religion at work.
ATF tells CNN that one of the guns used in the shooting was legally purchased and traces back to someone believe to be connect with the shooting. The agency would not disclose the name of the purchaser.
The only good news.  Not an assault weapon, because California prohibits them from being sold. 


  1. So far we have two pretty good links to these shooters. Psychotics, probably paranoid schizophrenics, and Muslims sudden jihadis.

    As soon as the FBI guy said, "We don't know if this is terrorism" we knew it was. Decoding public pronouncements is getting easier.

  2. friend of mine has a very nice AR, lives in socal. not sure if you're being sarcastic with last comment

  3. Unless it is one of the bullet button magazine releases, it must be pretty old.