Tuesday, March 10, 2015

we had a beautiful clear night last night

Clear with stable air. I rolled out the big telescope to look at Jupiter; the cloud bands were very visible, and all four of the Galilee satellites were on display. I still think I need to work on getting the collimate on a bit more precise. Still, a lovely evening. Retired is pretty nice, even with the nuisance of a right arm that isn't completely working, and a right leg that still drags.

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  1. Clayton,
    My daughter is very interested in getting a scope. I'd like to get her one for Christmas, but we typically only spend about $200 on our kids (and their spouses).

    Is it possible to get a decent small scope for $200? She lives in the depths of KY so I don't think light pollution will be much of an issue. And if she could see the rings of Saturn I think she'd be happy...for now.

    You can email me a lbrown248 gmailcom