Sunday, March 8, 2015

Do You Have Access to Congressional Record Vol. 65?

There is an apparently Bloomberg-worthy quote from Se. Shields (D-TN) in 1921 arguing for what became the Mailing of Firearms Act of 1927:
65 CONG.REC. 3945 (Mar. 11, 1924).

I would love to find the original.


  1. Spend a few bucks with the library of Congress for some Xeroxes? Do they do that?

  2. has it.

    That quote does not appear to be on page 3945, though there is a letter from Shields asking for such a ban on shipment.

    There is a quote on 3946, about "we, the dominant race, on whom depends the enforcement of the law", calling for shame on lawmakers because of the high rate of murdered black people.

    I think someone was playing a little loose with their paraphrases.

    (I do like how further down he disparages pistols ... in favor of a sawed-off shotgun loaded with buckshot, as "far more deadly and surer".

    Times are different, for sure.)

  3. Thanks. Shields doesn't sound quite as bad, but still assumes blacks can't be trusted with handguns.