Friday, November 23, 2012

Flaming Turkey Wings!

I remember this commercial in the 1980s as a post-Thanksgiving ad, but I was surprised to see that Pizza Hut used it in the United Kingdom as a post-Christmas promotion.  I did not realize that they ate turkey in Britain at Christmas.


dearieme said...

People do. But we have swapped to goose which is much better.

A few years ago we had a nasty cold snap just before Xmas, the side roads sheeted with ice. A goose farmer had to make a delivery at one steep spot; he parked on his side of the road, put the box on the ground, and crawled across, sliding the box in front of him. We know this because he delivered to us half an hour later. We filled him with hot tea and a mince pie.

(Mince pies - they would be a fine addition to US Xmas traditions. No meat involved.

asdf said...

"I did not realize that they ate turkey in Britain at Christmas."

In a Christmas Carol, Scrooge buys a turkey for Crachet and his family. I understand that this novel pretty much reinvented Christmas traditions.

DM, we eat mince pies here.

dearieme said...

Well I never. Good on you.

Anonymous said...

Turkey is also a Christmas dish here in Australia, roast leg of ham also. In recent years seafood has become more popular.

tkc said...

In the 'wrong but funny' department there is this Nando's commercial.

Karl said...

As I recall, in the days of "A Christmas Carol", goose was considered rather common, and the turkey was an exotic bird and therefore special.