Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finally! Obama Has a Challenger in the Primaries

Well, not much of one.  Obama lost the Democratic primary in fifteen counties in Oklahoma. Well, okay, Randall Terry (founder of Operation Rescue).  I suppose that if he walked into the Democratic National Convention, it would be like what happened to vampires in the series Forever Knight when the sunlight hit them: smoke, then flames.

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Steve said...

When I voted in Missouri's pointless election, I saw a democrat ballot with several names on it, which surprised me. It wasn't until later that I learned Terry was running as a democrat. Had I known that, I may have grabbed that ballot instead of the libertarian one. I never looked so I don't know how many votes he got in Missouri.

I voted for Romney in the 2008 primary because Thompson was already out and I disliked everyone else. I had no desire to do that again.