Friday, June 7, 2024

I Am Doing This for You

You may recall several weeks (months?) back I asked about a non-fire method of warming canned food and ideally boiling water for Minute Rice that could be run off batteries for a civil defense role.  One of you mentioned the J.C. Whitney catalog used to have items intended to run off cigarette lighter plugs.

This seems to be like that.  It is an electric heated lunchbox that can operate off 110 VAC or 12VDC.  Reviews indicate it can warm up a meal in about 40 minutes drawing about 80 watts.  A stack of charged lithium batteries in your emergency improvised bunker would make canned chili and rice a palatable meal once you have consumed the emergency rations most Americans wear on their bellies.

It will arrive tomorrow and I will put it to the test warming chili and trying to cook rice.  I will then inform you of the results.   A lithium battery is, I think, pretty well immune to EMP.  A small solar panel stored in a Faraday cage could recharge lithium batteries enough on sunny days to keep you eating hot food until you ran out of food or farmers start producing food to exchange for ammo.

Let's face it, if Putin became desperate enough to go nuclear, we all know the geniuses that tell Joe what to misread from the teleprompter will solve the crisis without missile launches,  right?

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  1. If you have the batteries, why not a decent inverter and a hotplate to make a heater.
    1500 watts will heat pretty quickly and doesn't need much of an inverter, (and an inverter is pretty resistant to EMP if not connected to anything and the leads shorted) I think it would be more efficient as well. More heat for a shorter time. Plus a purely resistive load.