Monday, June 3, 2024

Curious But Pleasant Aspects of Ammo Supply

At the moment there are two hot wars: Israel and Ukraine.  As I understand the propellant or at least the precursor chemicals for artillery shells are common to small arms ammunition.  Yet my sponsor AmmoToGo is offering 55 gr. .223 at less than $500 per 1000 rounds.55 gr. .223 at less than $500 per 1000 rounds.

My theory is that manufacturers expanded production capacity a year or two ago to take advantage of unprecedented demand and now have production lins running so fast that they are cutting prices.

Apparently ammo has increased in price in the last year.  But AmmoToGo tells me demand is blackening although they expect it to rise as elections draw near. 

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  1. Alas, we may never see those heady days of 5.56 at under $7 a box again.

    Midway has a similar price for IMI, $590 for 1200 rounds. (Apparently they package 30 rounds per box, which is nice given standard magazine capacity.) But that's with the 10% discount in the flyer.