Sunday, May 5, 2013

Timelapse Borders of Europe

This is more in the cool category than something that really meaningfully contributes to understanding history, but it is still pretty neat:


  1. I wouldn't say no meaningful contribution--seeing the Mongols show up and spread over a very large chunk of the eastern part it pretty chilling, and it's quite interesting (and revealing?) to see all the churn in eastern and central Europe vs the relative stability in the British Isles, too.

    And those tiny little blips of Ukrainian sovereignty!

  2. The length of Poland's Third Partition surprised me.

    What's that red splotch surrounding Lake Van (in modern-day western Turkey) in 1490?

    I recognize the music, from Sid Meier's "Civilization." Civ 3, I think.

  3. Perhaps a REAL historian (not those leftist University rent-seeking sinecure-holding clones) could use such a map to analyze how and why areas that were large unified states fractured into smaller states, reformed and refractured, and implications such a process has for today's large size/large-or-all-encompassing governments.

  4. Oops, the red splotch is in eastern Turkey. Associating the frontier with "west" by force of American habit.