Thursday, May 9, 2013

That CNN Story About HP Hiring The Modern Dancers To Inspire Their Engineers?

According to this article in the May 8, 2013 Boise Weekly, it wasn't just misleading:

In a story published April 23 by CNNMoney--the online business site by the self-proclaimed "most trusted name in news"--more than a few folks were startled to read, "Why Hewlett-Packard is Hiring Dancers." In the piece, reporter Cheryl Strauss Einhorn described how HP paid the Trey McIntyre Project "around $20,000 for half-day presentations" to dance among HP's cube dwellers.
The story wasn't true.
And while CNN has since apologized and dramatically rewritten the story, the network never disclosed that the reporter's family has direct ties to the Boise-based dance troupe--her mother-in-law, Nancy Einhorn, sits on TMP's board of directors.
That's what I get for trusting professional journalists.


  1. Journalism and Credibility are increasingly oxymorons.

  2. Best to assume that all "journalists" are paid liars, no?