Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not Intending To Offend My Lawyer Readers...

I have reason to believe that most lawyers are actually decent people--at least as decent as the general population, and this Righthaven debacle, as disappointing as it has been, has reinforced my impression on this.  (I'm impressed with the reaction of nearly every lawyer with whom I am have spoken about this.)  Nonetheless, while looking through Poor Richard's Almanack in preparing for class Friday, I ran into a number of Ben Franklin's aphorisms whose homespun wit tickled my funnybone--and none more than this:
A countryman between two lawyers, is like a fish between two cats.
A good lawyer, a bad neighbor.


  1. I grew up in a family of lawyers.

    And I can say that 99.9% of lawyers give the rest a bad name............

    Even in my family, they can justify almost any outrage by claiming that they can find 'some basis in the law' for their scurrilous lawsuits....

  2. Perhaps it is because most of the lawyers that I know are working on gun rights, but my experience has been considerably more positive than that.

  3. After going through 2 months of my OB/GYN rotation for medical school, I have lost 95% of respect for lawyers.

    It seems that since there is an oversupply of lawyers the cases I hear about keep getting more and more absurd.