Thursday, September 2, 2010

Righthaven Is Now Suing Veterans Groups & Alan Gotttlieb

Yes, Alan Gottlieb, who runs the Second Amendment Foundation.  The September 1, 2010 Las Vegas Sun reports on suits against a big advertiser in the Review-Journal, a PR firm named Kirvin Doak, and against P.O.W. Network in Skidmore, Missouri, and Alan Gottlieb.

If Righthaven was run by people with a lick of sense, they would have filed a suit a month or something like that.  But filing this many suits--and sometimes against people like Alan Gottlieb who are wealthy enough to fight back--is incredibly stupid.  Building a collective enemy that numbers in the hundreds is really, really foolish.

It is quite gratifying to see this vote of confidence in the mental stability of gun rights activists, however.  They are suing The Armed Citizen, Second Amendment Sisters, and a guy who runs a gun rights group for those who think of the NRA as sissies.  If we were the crazies that some people in the news media think, this would be dangerous.


  1. I wonder if this guy's greed will be his undoing. Not only are the sheer volume of lawsuits in such a short time pissing of enough people that can fight back(and maybe encouraging the smaller defendants to find a way band together), but this may create enough of a backlash to get major changes to copyright laws pushed through.

  2. And now they're suing Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle.