Monday, September 20, 2010

Democrats Engaged in Literal Witchhunt

Apparently, Christine O'Donnell, like many high school girls, played around with witchcraft in high school.  (Gee, do you suppose movies like The Craft might have played a role in this?)  Now the Democrats are engaged in a witchhunt.  Please, Christine, turn your "beareded Marxist" opponent into a newt.  I'm sure he'll get better.


  1. I heard a brief news report on the radio about O'Donnell. While Bitter might be right about being a nut in terms of finances (claiming she paid $12,000 in debt in a year where she earned $6,000; charges that she uses political donations for personal expenses), it's clear to me that news organizations are all out in attempting to prove that she's just plain nuts.

    It somehow disturbs me! I think this is in part because the bearded marxist she's running against is probably just as nutty; I think in part it's also because it's clearly character assassination because the news organizations don't like her.

    That, and the things they are trying to trot out as "nutty" I find either acceptable, or at least, forgivable...hasn't everyone done a few nutty things?

    I'm beginning to hope she wins, if for no other reason than to spite all this!

  2. I don't know about changing Cons into a newt (newts seem to be higher life forms than Marxists anyway), but she has sure turned some of those on the left (and a few establishment Republicans) into raving lunitics...oh, wait...