Saturday, February 24, 2024

Things That Make My Day

Making an offer on a new house and your wife asks, "Is this too nice of a house for us?" and saying, "No."

It was built when mortgage rates were still very low and the builder offered it at $1.3 million. 
As interest rates rose, demand fell off and several purchasers backed out at progressively lower prices.

It looks every bit a million dollar house.  Beautiful Silestone counters, not quite the von Trapp mansion entrance, built on a hillside with foundations poured directly on basalt bedrock.  More than 3100 square feet on an acre plus situated in an obscure location.  Visible from the street but with an unobvious set of roads to it.  The sky is actually perhaps half a magnitude darker than our current house.  There is also nowhere immediately available to developers to build more subdivisions.

The hope is that the current house sells fast enough to avoid a bridge mortgage.

Oh yes, why I bank with First Tech Federal Credit Union.  I was asked for a mortgage pre-authorization letter for Monday.  I emailed the loan officer Saturday morning expecting a response Monday.  Within an hour I had a letter for a $720,000 mortgage!

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