Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Be Glad If Your Wife Has Better Spatial Reasoning Then You Do

For a couple of years I have had a less than optimal shop arrangement.  The mill was on a lower shelf in a shelving unit that was not adjustable, so putting tools on the spindle, setting up workpieces, etc. caused lots of back strain.  The only place for the monitor and keyboard was on a shelf too high to sit and type.

My wife noticed that the problem could be solved by moving the infrequently used chop saw to a lower shelf where the mill used to be and the PC is now on the stainless steel table where the chop saw was.  The mill is on the Husky tool cabinet.  The machinist tool cabinet is at the lower level on the stainless steel table. Trips down there are infrequent and short.  All in all, a giant step up in productivity.

The lathe is on the shelf where the PC used to be.  The mill is down almost directly below my four panel LED light fixture so much improved visually.


  1. And it looks like you have cleverly figured out how to hang all that from the ceiling. Close-ups of the fasteners, please!

  2. On the last photo, I bet milling upside down makes it easier to clear the chips....

  3. First time I have ever heard of a man being grateful a woman has tidied up his shop! She sounds like a keeper!

    1. I was there. We are coming up on our 44th anniversary.