Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Supporting Terrorism Has Consequences

10/11/23 Boston Globe:
"Fallout from a controversial statement published and initially signed by about 30 student groups at Harvard University continued Wednesday as two trucks circled Harvard Square for much of the day, featuring the names and photos of students linked to the statement."

Taking the side of a group committing murder of civilians, gang rapes, and beheading infants is a very progressive position.

Some of the students who self-identified as terrorism supporters are all butt-hurt that they may not be safe because they are being called out.  The same would be true if college students loudly proclaimed their support for the KKK and lynchings.  Take up the side of barbarism and there are consequences (mostly looking over your shoulder: our side is not Antifa or Hamas).

That these are the people that will be in charge of many of our institutions of government and higher education is really scary.  Harvard has become increasingly the enemy of America and decency.

The left seems intent on civil war by backing Hamas.  Friday has been declared Global Jihad Day by Hamas.  I doubt there is much to fear in Boise but I will be armed when I leave the house.  Those of you who live in the USA (not California and other Blue states intent on disarming victims) should plan to be armed in the event a Hamas affiliate comes to you.


  1. Time for Harvard students to learn that words and actions have consequences.....

    And if they truly believe what they say, why are they ashamed to have their names and likenesses known?

    1. Not enough mutual self-congratulation coming with the identifying them as supporting Hamas and being therefore people of goodness and discernment?

  2. Yeah, the left has been big on saying "It's not cancel culture, It's just Consequences." (Which THEY decided were appropriate.) The shoe being on the other foot is fun to watch.

  3. Antifa seems totally silent. Harvard students spouting one of the core goals of Nazism and the "punch a Nazi" folks are absent. How odd.