Friday, January 6, 2023

This Should Be Obvious

 Nut I do not do enough Linux anymore.  I want to compare the files that I cloned from drive C to drive D.  WinDiff is obvious but my security software says not safe.

So in Cygwin at /cygwin/d/Users/Clayton/

diff -r * /cygdrive/c/Users/clayton/

diff: extra operand 'AppData'
diff: Try 'diff --help' for more information.

It appears that /cygdrive has no access to drives.

And WinMerge will not download to drive D (disk full which is not true; I have 921 GB free).

It appears that installs require free disk space on drive C.

WinMerge did install and I am comparing now.  I shudder to think how long this would be comparing hard disks instead of SSDs.

I am a little surprised how many files are only on the new drive.  From where did they come?

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