Monday, January 23, 2023

They Tried

A serious complaint has been that whites sometimes tricked Indians out of their lands by deception and alcohol.  ("She was beautiful last night," is the modern equivalent.)  Congress required its approval for transfers of Indian lands.  And it seems, New York also tried to protect the Indians.

Laws of New-York, Eleventh Session, 2:194

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  1. Speaking of Indians...I've been watching the sitcom "Ghosts" on Paramount Plus. One of the characters is a Lenape Indian. Out of curiosity I read the Wikipedia article on the tribe, and I was intrigued by its ongoing legal feud with the Cherokee over Lenape status as an independent tribe, and a legal dispute over the Walking Purchase, a 1737 land treaty between the Penn family and the Lenape, which the Third Circuit Court ruled nonjusticiable in Delaware Nation v. Pennsylvania (2006).