Friday, December 2, 2022

Capricorn 1

 Yes, yes, I know.  I have met too many people, especially young ones who grew up on X-Files, and think it or what they heard of it as documentary, a film roman a clef, or in some other way exhibited "truthiness."

It is available on YouTube for free with ads (for me, Medicare Advantage plans, solar panels, and Lenovo PCs; a little late on that last one).  I had forgotten what a brilliant piece of film this was:

1. An interesting premise.

2. Some pretty prominent actors for its time (Elliott Gould, Karen Black, Hal Holbrook)) and some just getting started (Sam Waterston).

3. An almost technically plausible story (Mars and back with the Apollo-era technology would not have been nine months; the technicians at the fake Mars studio adding slow motion to the sequences where the astronauts fall under Martian gravity).

4. A really terrifying sequence where the courageous reporter (back when such existed) discovers his Mustang has been sabotaged: no brakes, engine full throttle, engine key off does nothing.

5. Federal LEO planting cocaine in his house.  (I almost wonder if judges should require LEOs to wait for an attorney for the soon-to-be defendant to be there during a search.)

And I forgot a 1/3 happy ending!


  1. Loved that movie. Sam Waterston was funny!

    And I notice you left out O. J.

    1. Mostly by accident. He was very funny in the Police Squad movies. It is a shame he threw everything away for misplaced jealousy.