Saturday, February 5, 2022

There is So Much Racism in America That People Have to Make It Up

 2/4/22 Longview News-Journal:

EDWARDSVILLE — A student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has been criminally charged and accused of faking a racist incident last month.

Kaliyeha A. Clark-Mabins, 19, was charged Friday with three counts of disorderly conduct for telling SIUE police that two notes were posted by someone else on her dormitory room door on Jan. 23 saying, "BLACK PEOPLE DON'T BELONG" and "DIE BITCH," charging documents say.

No lawyer is listed for Clark-Mabins, who could not be immediately reached for comment.

University officials notified the campus community of the charges Friday, saying two other students who had originally been "named as suspects… have been fully cleared of any involvement. We are saddened by the harm that these students endured because of false accusations."

The officials continued, "Although false reporting of racial and bias incidents is isolated and rare, this case should remind every member of our community how important it is to preserve and protect due process and fairness in our procedures and communications."

The original allegations prompted protests, complaints about inaction in the case and a petition that called for any students involved to be expelled.

Will they expel Clark-Mabins?  Or make her a DIE dean? 

Real hate crimes far outnumber fake ones.  But the fake ones are the ones that are done so incompetently that police can show it is fake.  How many reported "hate crimes" are just done by more competent "victims"?

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