Wednesday, November 3, 2021

An Advantage of Blogging

Some years back, I had a hard drive crash, and only later discovered that I lost a year or two of pictures.  I was looking specifically for my Grand Canyon pictures, in the hope of monetizing them.  (Some were really awesome.)  

Then I remembered that I had posted many of them on my old blog, before the ambulance chasers in Las Vegas (RightHaven) sued me and my co-blogger for quoting too many words from a Las Vegas newspaper's account of a civilian gun self-defense story.  So I shut down both blogs until those slime sued the wrong guy: a retired deputy U.S. Attorney. In discovery he found that they did not actually own the copyright on those newspaper articles; they were only renting the copyrights and they soon went into bankruptcy, but not before forcing dozens of people, some less well-heeled and supported by loyal fans than me, to hire attorneys and make four and five figure settlements.

It turns out that I blogged many of those pictures (generally the best of them).  When I went back to some of them, like this, I realized that because Blogger did not yet have an easy way to insert local pictures that I had linked to them on my domain, here.  Because they were uploaded from my PC's webpage image, I still have them.  Pictures like this:

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