Monday, October 1, 2018

Not a Way to Dampen Socialism

I think this car described in 10/1/18 Bloomberg is really cool, but $3.6 million with a $1 million non-refundable deposit? 
When it delivers the first car in mid-2020, Osaka-based Aspark is guaranteeing customers a sprint time of 1.99 seconds from a dead stop to 100 kilometers per hour on street-legal tires. A prototype that sports racing slicks already clocked this in as little as 1.89 seconds in February.
That face-flattening performance is fueled by an electric powertrain that promises to deliver a minimum 1,150 horsepower and 885 Newton meters of torque, according to an official spec sheet. A carbon-fiber body and magnesium alloy wheels keep the rest of the car as light as possible, giving it a dry weight of about 1,500 kilograms.

Even if I was a billionaire, I think I find more sensible ways to use it: like part-ownership of a Gulfstream V, or even just regular use of a charter jet service.  Flying commercial is really horrible after you have traveled Dallas to San Francisco in a Gulfstream V--trust me on this.  I would not regulate or punish this sort of extravagance but I would encourage all my billionaire readers to think how this looks to people working for minimum wage and seeing Democratic Socialists of America playing the envy card.

But if you ignore my good advice--could you let me have the keys for an hour?

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