Saturday, August 4, 2018

Word Salad? No, Word Shrapnel

8/3/18 College Fix:
In her paper, “‘How to Write as Felt’: Touching Transmaterialities and More-Than-Human Intimacies,” published online in late July by Studies in Philosophy and Education, Springgay suggests that felt, a “dense material of permanently interlocking fibers,” can be linked to racism and capitalism.
“[T]his paper addresses ‘the problem of education’ that is predicated on cis-heteronormative White supremacist settler colonial logics that assume knowledge enters from an outside, that is predicated on progress, and that regulates and violently disavows particular bodies,” it states.
“Felting as a posthuman proposition demands that we stop thinking broadly about … education. Instead we need to consider intimate transmaterial touching relations that do not intensify settler colonial mastery over human and nonhuman life,” the paper adds. 
Can you decode that?

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Robert Sprowl said...

Easy to decode that gobbledygook. Total academic bullsh--. Typically it means whatever they wish it to mean. An as mathematician I can confidently assert that that since it can mean anything it truly means nothing. The proof is obvious to the causal observer as my professors told me frequently.