Saturday, August 4, 2018

This Dean Sounds Like He Has No Sense of Right and Wrong

Of course he is dean at a Catholic college.  When will the Catholic Church rein in its institutions of lower learning?  8/3/18 College Fix reports on a lawsuit file by a student suspended for groping a fellow student on a cruise ship.  The police chose not to prosecute.  What did the college do along with suspending the student:
The 1st Circuit had faulted the college for the behavior of its then-dean of students, Paul Chebator, who discouraged the Title IX hearing board from issuing a “no finding” verdict in its adjudication of Doe. One of Chebator’s underlings, Carol Hughes, had also asked the board to put another student “at ease” who was considered an “alternative culprit,” which the appeals court found unfair to Doe.
Now the college wants a bench trial, presumably because judges are not big on this due process idea when SJWs are at fault.

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