Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Why the Defense Distributed Hollering is Stupid

I have been watching YouTube videos about completing 80% lowers; these people are using low precision tools that make the amateur machinist in me cry: drilling fire control part holes with power screwdrivers; excavating trigger control pockets with drill presses and routers.  This is the machining equivalent of a redneck defending himself on an NFA violation by quoting the Second Amendment.  I am impressed that such primitive and inexpensive tools can do this.  It also means that removing DD's contribution will have no practical effect.

Over at 7/31/18 Guardian (and a remarkably responsible article) a comment about untraceable plastic handguns:
They absolutely are traceable by law enforcement agencies. Every time that one is fired the operator will be waiting patiently at the local Emergency Room to be questioned by police. Look for the person with blood soaked bath towel wrapped around their hands.

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