Tuesday, August 7, 2018

There Will Be Blood

Not just a movie title.  The nurse removed IVs from both arms yesterday, and even hours later they were bleeding.  My daughter brought me home because Rhonda has the flu, and Hilary rebandaged both sites.  And Rhonda did both sites again in the evening.  At least at 6:00 AM, I remembered to apply styptic pencil to the still bleeding left arm hole.  It didn't sting, but it does seem to have stopped the bleeding.  The right arm site seems to have stopped.

I'm washing sheets in cold water and borax because hot water sets blood.

The pain in the right leg:  where they chainsawed me open (apparently a large incision required to repair a hole in an artery; those are high pressures pipes) hurts, but mostly a dull ache.  Some inches below there on the inner leg, I was having pain like a very precise blowtorch was being played along the inner part of my leg.  The vascular surgeon says that is a nerve, and will go away in days to weeks.  I iced it all of yesterday, and it is getting better; it doesn't always hurt when I stand on that leg now, 

I used to wonder how people could regard death as a mercy; I no longer wonder.

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