Tuesday, August 7, 2018

I Know What He Meant, But It Still Sounds Weird

8/6/18 Chicago Tribune:
Emanuel, police officials react to one of Chicago's most violent weekends of 2018: 'We are better than what we saw'
By which they meant this level of brutality is not typical of Chicago's people.  Very true: but would you want to live there around the atypical Chicagoans?
At least 74 people were shot, 12 fatally, between 3 p.m. Friday and 6 a.m. Monday. The victims ranged in age from 11 to 62.
According to Tribune data, it marked the worst violence of any single weekend in Chicago since at least before 2016, the year in which homicides hit records unseen for two decades.
And Sunday saw more victims shot in a single day since at least September 2011 when the Tribune began tracking every shooting in Chicago. For the entire day, 47 people were shot, including a stunning 40 during a seven-hour period early Sunday.
At a late-morning news conference at the Gresham District station on the South Side, Johnson acknowledged in answer to a reporter’s question that no arrests had been made in any of the dozens of shootings over the weekend.
He said detectives had promising leads in several shootings.
Johnson expressed frustration at the blame laid on Chicago police for the violence when it’s those pulling the triggers who need to be held accountable.
“It’s the same individuals that continuously commit these crimes,” he said. "Where's the accountability for them?"
Good question.  How long do killers get in prison for murder, attempted murder, drug trafficking, rape, and all the other crimes that the left doesn't see as important.  (Not like offering straws.)


  1. Easy fix: just ban guns in Chicago, and gunshops while we're at it, then make everyplace a Gun-Free Zone!

    Oh wait....

  2. I think Chicago would be a perfect place to issue/distribute a million of the WW2 disposable .45acp pistols (Liberators?). Arm everyone in the bad sections, and tell them the police are not going to solve their shooting problems, it is up to themselves. Maybe also sell them in the corner groceries for $9.95 in a blister pack. Lets see how those gangsters like it when lots of bystanders get involved. Get GM to fire up the manufacturing line again!

  3. Will: As much as I want to believe the poor of Chicago would make good decisions on this, I confess that every other decision they are making really sucks: schooling, raising kids, voting. There are things badly broken in inner city culture that may require cultural imperialism to repair, if the left ever loses control over our society.