Thursday, August 9, 2018

Start Open Carrying

The New,York Times had run a puff piece about what a cool place Boise is. What if their readers come here?  Open carry should worry them.


BFR said...

Sorry Clayton, I cannot pass up this softball.

The Boise metro area has already morphed into southern California Lite; another 10 years and the devastation will be complete. And I predict that this will continue to occur amid a constant refrain of "Oh, these Californian's are not the bad kind that will bring all of the idiocy (including themselves) that they fled". Californians are like parasites that invade and live from a healthy host until they consume every vestige of vitality from it. They replicate the cycle when their last host's devastation is accomplished, moving on to the next healthy victim.

New Yorker's are simply Californians without a tan and with a funny accent.

BFR said...

Sure, lets have more New Yorkers as well:

"Maloney, who is gay and has two adopted children with his husband,...a candidate for New York Attorney General, said he doesn’t “give a f—k” what fans of President Donald Trump say..."

Clayton Cramer said...

Why I suggested open carry. New Yorkers would book the next flight out.

takirks said...

Let us recognize the fact that the "Californians" BFR bemoans were originally Easterners that transplanted themselves to California, screwed the place up, and are now doing the same to the rest of the West.

We need to face the facts: We made it far too easy for the Easterners to get West. If they had had to do it by Conestoga wagon, most would have stopped in Ohio, and California and the other Western states would still be mostly intact, culturally and physically...

Clayton Cramer said...

California has a long history of homegrown leftism. Upton Sinclair's End Poverty in California campaign of 1934; anarchist bombings in 1917 (San Francisco) and 1910 (Los Angeles Times); the millionaires who funded some of the socialist utopian communities of Southern California in that same period.

Many years ago I was on jury duty in downtown Los Angeles. While wandering through the ground floor of L.A.'s iconic City Hall, I found an exhibit of turn of the 20th century election materials. In one of the exhibits was the 1900 sample ballots. City elections were still partisan. The only parties on the ballot were the Democratic Party; the Democratic Socialist Party; and the Socialist Party. This was a shocker.

At the 1879 California Constitution Convention, the Workingman's Party drove the anti-Chinese provision of the 1879 Constitution. Wherever there is poverty or the perception that it exists and is unfair, there will be leftists.