Sunday, July 1, 2018

Worth Reading in Full

New York Post about how the left had lost,  and Trump is winning, at least in part because of rising Hispanic support for Trump.  What?  Do not Hispanics hate Trump? Many came here legally, or were born here, and share the American concern about illegals bringing in MS13 and other criminals.   Also, many are competing for jobs with the illegals.

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Eskyman said...

My friend Luis Gutierrez is passionate against illegals. He reckons he's tired of people looking at him and wondering if he's an illegal; also that illegals commit crimes predominately in the Hispanic community, where they blend in, and his neighborhood suffers.

That's just anecdotal, but most of my Hispanic friends don't want illegals coming in. It's the white liberals that do, who all live in gated communities and have Hispanic maids & gardeners. They don't have to live with them, of course.