Saturday, July 7, 2018

Weird Hatchet News of the Day

Because so many U.S. mass murders involve axes or hatchets, this news story caused great wonder.  7/6/18 Fox News Channel 19:
Middletown police were called to the 1300 block of Woodlawn Avenue on a report of a burglary early Friday morning.

Kaylie Stacy found Michael Robert McClain, 39, "with his pants down, holding his penis with his right hand and had a hatchet, deadly weapon, in his left hand," the police report states.

"I came in, and my bedroom light was on, which is never left on we always turn it off," she said.
Stacy asked her husband Tim to help get McClain out of the residence. He was armed with a gun when he tried to wake up McClain, police said.
Yes, if you find a man without pants and a weapon in one hand, a handgun is recommended.  From the mugshot and news report, a shave and shower (and an antipsychotic medicine) are in order.

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  1. So .. he had a deadly weapon in one hand, and a dead weapon in the other; and he was conflicted about what to do with either?

    He's more to be pitied than censored!