Sunday, May 6, 2018

TQTHL Battery

This is a high capacity (6200 mAh) battery for my Samsung S4 Galaxy.  At first awesome.  6 months later it us at best about as good as the original battery and slow recharge as well.  Beginning to see these extended capacity batteries as very poor solutions; not worth the extra money.

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Eskyman said...

The trend is to phones without replacable batteries, but that doesn't mean I like the trend. I've replaced some batteries with extended ones, and have had good luck so far; still, I'd like it to be an easier process (and without having to replace the back of the phone, like I expect you had to do.)

Not all batteries are made the same, so have others been satisfied with the manufacturer/battery? There are lots of batteries on eBay I wouldn't touch, they just scream "fly-by-night Chinese junk knockoff."