Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sonoma County Company Moving to Boise

4/30/18 Sonoma Index-Tribune:

It’s the end of an era. Price Pump has grown and thrived in Sonoma for 70 years. But before the end of this year, the manufacturer of high-tech pumps will pull up stakes and move its headquarters – lock, stock and pump – to Boise, Idaho.
“It has simply become too difficult and too costly to run a manufacturing business in Sonoma Valley,” said Price Pump President Bob Piazza.
“To pick up and move is traumatic,” he acknowledged. “Some of our employees have worked here for 45 years.
Piazza, 74, shares the emotions of his employees. He has lived in California his whole life and he will also move with his wife of 53 years to Idaho....
Piazza offered all employees an all-expenses paid trip with their families to Boise to see the area. A dozen employees have taken him up on the offer and the vast majority came back excited to move....
Piazza’s long litany of complaints about the business climate in Sonoma center around hiring, the cost of living in California, taxation and labor laws. He has been getting more and more frustrated with “over-regulation” by the county and state government.
“Over the last few years, I found that I can’t ignore all the good reasons to move any longer,” he said. “We’re certainly not the only local manufacturing company that has fled the area.
“Our competitors are now based in Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana and overseas,” he said. “Large corporations don’t want to do business here.”

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BFR said...

I grieve every time I hear of another anything or anyone from California coming to Idaho. It is insufficient that they have despoiled OR, WA, AZ, NV, and CO. What they are currently accomplishing in the entire Boise and CDA metrocosms will shortly prove disastrous to the entire state.

It is the plague of the Demunists; orchestrate a wasteland, then flee to start anew. Very much like a parasite and host; infect and sap the life of the host. When the host dies, jump off and find another.

And no; CA refugees who come to Idaho are not "conservative" any more than a weekends-only prostitute is virginal on the weekdays.