Monday, September 4, 2017

Political Sci-Fi Story Idea

Time travellers pluck Ben Franklin from 1790 Philadelphia  and bring him to the present.  Then they try to explain automobiles, airplanes, the Moon landing, interstellar space missions (like Voyager), computers, telephones, the expansion of the U.S.: all of this is barely believable to him.  Then the current state of our popular culture and current moral standards.  He has a stroke and is returned to his deathbed.


Che Dolf said...

Time traveler plucks Ted Kennedy from 1965 and brings him to the present. He explains that the proposed Hart-Celler Immigration Act will eliminate national origin quotas, but conservatives shouldn't worry because the law won't reduce the 84% white majority. 2017 "conservatives" indignantly respond that race doesn't matter, and only fascists care about that sort of thing. Kennedy faints in triumphant delirium.

Rich Rostrom said...

Franklin was a fairly notorious roué, with acknowledged bastard children. I don't think he'd be that shocked at modern libertinism.

Clayton Cramer said...

Aware of his behavior; not sure his open-mindedness would extend to LGBT.