Friday, September 1, 2017


My PC had slowed to a crawl.  When I rebooted, it would not.  I had to have Windows do its recovery thing.  Then I ran MalwareBytes and found 43 of the little beasts.  Now it runs again.  Malware is the little annoying brother of computer virii.  Almost tempted to pay for the always on variant of MalwareBytes.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at Spyhunter4 by Enigma Software. I used to use MalwareBytes, tried Spyhunter on the recommendation of OldNFO. Spyhunter found stuff MalwareBytes didn't and kept doing it, so I didn't renew my MalwareBytes license.

FYI, the Spyhunter download and install is free, so it doesn't cost anything to try it. If it finds stuff you'll have to buy the license ($39/6 mos) to get it to remove it.

Also FYI, Spyhunter isn't compatible with MalwareBytes so Enigma has a version that will install with MalwareBytes on the computer.

Eskyman said...

I have Avast! free version and also MalwareBytes Premium, which I bought back when they still had a lifetime subscription available. They're both running now.

They have each "gone off" on a number of occasions, saving me from what could have been a disaster. MalwareBytes is a little hard to live with, it often flags things that I'm pretty sure are no threat (e.g. it doesn't like Advanced SystemCare or any iObit software.)

Still, I've had no viruses or any malware for a long time with my present setup (fingers always crossed!)