Saturday, September 9, 2017

Dr. Jerry Pournelle Has Passed

I greatly enjoyed his novels, both solo and with Larry Niven.  There was a synergy there that greatly enhanced both of their skills.  His last posting (interrupted by the ominous, "More later I’m experiencing a wave of nausea.") concerned an alternative to DACA:
Any volunteer of any age who serves 7 years overseas in Army or Marines gets a Green Card and an application to apply for Citizenship along with his honorable discharge. The Citizenship application and test need not be very difficult and I would expect all who applied to pass it. The swearing should be public and conducted by an officer of rank Colonel or above.
As to girls, we can think of something similar or suitable; they need not join the combat arms. Surgical Assistant comes instantly to mind.

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Eskyman said...

I finished re-reading Lucifer's Hammer just a few days ago. It is still a wonderfully good novel, and I hope the fictional events it depicts so vividly never come to pass.

Rest in peace, Dr. Jerry Pournelle. A giant among men, and we are now lessened by his absence.