Monday, May 1, 2017

Slow Learners

Democratic analysts have finally figured out that they need white voters. 5/1/17 MSN:
Much of the debate over how to proceed has centered on whether the party should try to win back working-class white voters — who make up most of the Obama-Trump voters — or focus instead on mobilizing its base.
Turning out the base is not good enough, the data suggest.
"This idea that Democrats can somehow ignore this constituency and just turn out more of our voters, the math doesn't work," Canter said. "We have to do both."
The article also admits the elephant in the room:
Democrats are quick to acknowledge that even if voters switching allegiance had been Clinton's biggest problem, in such a close election she still could have defeated Trump with better turnout. For example, she could have won if African-American turnout in Michigan and Florida matched 2012's. 
Why didn't black voters turn out?  In 2008, 95% of black voters voted for Obama; in 2012, 93%.  Imagine if white voters voted so overwhelmingly for a white candidate: it would be racism.  Clinton needed to be black.  If Democrats only run black candidates, thety would have a lock on the Oval Office.

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