Monday, May 1, 2017

Ferguson Effect?

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s mayor is asking for help from the FBI, as the city struggles to contain a soaring murder rate. But will bringing in the feds stop the killings?
The mayor pulled no punches earlier this week when she said the murder rate is out of control. She wants to bring in the FBI to the city, but will it make a difference? Some people are skeptical of that.
Violence in Baltimore has reached a crisis level, with the number of killings shattering a 20-year high this early in the year, Baltimore’s mayor was blunt.
Police misbehavior may well be a problem, but uncontrolled gang violence is also a big problem.  You have to make hard choices in Democratic cities.

While my wife and I were in Alaska, we watched Dish Network and were reminded why we gave it up.  There were some interesting shows between the commercials.  The same commercials, endlessly repeated.  One program from National Geographic was about the riots after the Rodney King abuse trial. It was very one-sided.  By comparison, ABC's recent documentary was dramatically better.  It showed the level of random violence that caused :LAPD's Operation Hammer, which National Geographic presented as some sort of random act of police brutality.

The choices in Democrat big cities are pretty stark and ugly.

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