Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Montana Legislature Going Constitutional Carry?

2/14/17 KRTV:

HELENA -From schools to the state Capitol to the U.S. Post Office and beyond, Republican lawmakers are advancing bills that would expand where Montanans can carry concealed weapons.

On Tuesday, in a nearly party-line vote, the state Senate voted 32-17 to endorse a bill that says anyone who legally owns a firearm in Montana can carry it concealed – without a permit, as they must have now.      
“This levels the playing field,” said Senate President Scott Sales, R-Bozeman, who carried House Bill 262 on the floor. “If you’re legal to own a gun and legal to own it, you should be legal to carry it.”
The Senate also endorsed a bill Tuesday that says anyone in Montana can carry a legally owned firearm on U.S. Postal Service property – in defiance of Postal Service policy forbidding it – and the House endorsed a bill saying legislators can carry concealed weapons in the state Capitol.
A House committee the same day also heard a bill that would allow school district employees in Montana to carry concealed weapons on school property, dubbed the “Montana School Safety Act.”


hga said...

More like shadow theater or something to help try to get rid of the current Democratic governor in his next election, he vetoed CC in 2013 and did so again a week ago, calling it "absurd".

thatturahguy said...

Sorry, but Governor Bullock already vetoed this bill- for the THIRD EFFIN' TIME. Seems my fellow Montana voters like to hamstring the legislature, sending a Republican majority to Helena along with a Democrat governor to squash everything they put forward. We have a special election coming up to replace Representative Ryan Zinke (now Interior Secretary) and will vote on Montana's senior Senate seat, now held by Jon "Scourge of all-you-can-eat buffets everywhere" Tester. Three guesses which way they'll go.
We may get a veto override on constitutional carry in this session, but don't count on it.