Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lathe Repairs

I have been having problems with my lathe.  The cross-slide was wiggling enough that it wouldn't square rods.  Of course this causes tool chatter, which wears out cutting tools.  I have spent a number of hours trying to fix it.  It turns out that on Sherline lathes, tightness of apron to carriage and cross-slide to apron is done with gibs, little plastic inserts of progressively larger thickness that can be lightly tapped until you have a tight fit.  A little guide wire held by a setscrew prevents tke gib's movement.

I started out fiddling with the apron to carriage gib:
That helped some.  The gib for cross-slide to apron was invisible until I backed the cross-slide a bit.
Moving this gib solved the wiggling, but the set screw holding the gib's locating wire was missing.  It is a 8-32 x 3/16" length setscrew.  Having wiggle problems with your Sherline lathe?  I hope this helps.

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