Saturday, January 7, 2017

Where's My Global Warning?

Istanbul (AFP) - A heavy snowstorm paralysed life in Istanbul on Saturday, with hundreds of flights cancelled and the Bosphorus closed to shipping traffic.
Almost 65 centimetres (25 inches) of snow fell on parts of the Turkish metropolis overnight and during the day, causing havoc on roads as travellers sought to leave the city for the weekend.
For those victimized by modern public education, Istanbul is a seaport on the Mediterranean.

And it isn't just the intermountain West in trouble.  1/7/17 Los Angeles Times:
Snow and sleet pounded a large swath of the East Coast on Saturday, coating roads with ice and causing hundreds of crashes. Thousands of people lost power, and forecasters warned of blizzard-like conditions from Virginia to parts of the Northeast.


John said...

Istanbul is on the Med, true. What most people don't realize, and it never seems right to me, is how far north the Med is.

I have to keep reminding myself that Rome is on the same latitude as NYC.

Istanbul is at 41.0 North

Chicago is at just under 42 North

Boise is at about half a degree less than 44 North

Istanbul is only 2.5 degrees, 150 miles, south of you.

Good luck with your heating. Glad I don't have that problem down here in Puerto Rico.

John Henry

Rich Rostrom said...

We had a significant snowfall in Chicago a few weeks ago.

My building is a six-unit co-op, and the residents do all the maintenance. That's been mostly me. However, recently a young man (Northwestern U. grad student) bought one unit. He has two fellow grad students rooming with him.

So when I went to deal with the last snowfall, I got him and his roommates to help shovel (they being about 40 years younger than me). I joked that they weren't used to snow, being from Turkey. They politely told me I was wrong - as we see from that news report!