Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Amazon's Dirigible Warehouse

I mentioned a few days ago Amazon's patent for a dirigible at 45,000 feet to feed drones for delivery of goods.  I was just imagining the surface-to-air missile launch to take it down, showering goods like rain.  What movie had the teenage boy suddenly hit by a beautiful woman falling from the sky, and saying "Thank you God."?


Fidel said...

Animal House - the beginning of the Riot scene.

James Gibson said...

I think the movie was the Scorpion King. Surprisingly I also was thinking of the High altitude balloon student project some elementary school student were working on. I was asked to talk to them over skype about aerospace engineering and make a few comments about their project. My later father had actually worked on early high altitude balloons that were to do recon over the USSR in the 1950s.

Why I bring this up: One of the kids wanted to add a rocket to the project to get the package to altitude faster. We talked about kids today wanting instant gratification, this one wanted the package to altitude in five seconds. That being said, image the flying warehouse suddenly having some kid's model rocket ingested in the turbine. I doubt they will spend the energy to have it station keep, it will be allowed to float around. And most kids don't launch their model from a large public park.

Ber950 said...

Animal House

Dry Creek Historical Society Dchs said...

I want to say it was either Airplane! or Kentucky Fried Movie, but I can't find a clip to corroborate.

Dean in Az said...

National Lampoon's _Animal House_.
At the conclusion, a float carrying a woman dressed much like a 1970's Playboy Playmate is struck and causes her launched through the young man's second-story window as he is perusing a copy of the magazine referenced.