Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gun Control Groups Have Some New Enforcers

12/7/16 New York Times:
In Congress and in the Supreme Court, the gun lobby has racked up some crucial victories in recent years. It won again last month when Donald J. Trump, buoyed by the gun lobby’s money and support, secured an upset victory in the presidential election.
On the defensive, gun control advocates are now quietly developing a plan to chip away at the gun lobby’s growing clout: Team up with corporate law firms...
One fresh avenue of litigation would involve challenging state laws that arguably force citizens and local governments to allow guns to be carried on their properties — including schools, airports, shopping malls and bars. Such laws, the coalition argues, could infringe on property rights and threaten the safety of customers and employees.
Yup, and  no one would tolerate governments telling bakers who they must bake cakes for, make floral arrangements for, or what people they must serve.  The progressives have already shown where they stand on private property rights.

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