Monday, December 7, 2015

Your Wallet Is Being Lifted

I have read that the restrictions on shotguns that Britain passed in 1968 were in response to the murder of three police officers with handguns smuggled into Britain, as an attempt to distract public upset about Labour's abolition of the death penalty for murder in 1965.  Distract over here so you don't notice the fingers lifting your wallet.
The 90-day fiancé visa supposedly requires a passport, police certificates from the  country of residence, medical examination records, evidence of financial support, and evidence of meeting and having a relationship with an American fiancé. But the Obama administration streamlined the process so that it can all be accomplished completely online.

That change ended the requirement that an applicant must visit a U.S. embassy where he or she would be photographed and had their fingerprints taken in person.
One of the killers came here on that program.
Distracting with gun control is an attempt to avoid attention to this.

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