Thursday, December 3, 2015

Strange Notion of Success

Saying this the day after San Bernadino suggests a certainn poor grasp on reality:
At their press conference earlier today, Senator Barbara Boxer told a reporter that leaders “don’t just hide” because they might not win the vote, and assured they’re going to keep pushing for gun laws.

“In California, since the 90s,” she said, “we have passed a number of important gun safety laws. And over that period of time, we’ve had a reduction in gun violence of 56 percent.”

Boxer then said that’s not enough and national laws are needed, concluding, “Sensible gun laws work, we’ve proven it in California, and we’re not gonna give up.”
 Wow!  56% reduction.  U.S. murder rates fell by 50% from 1990-2012.  Their wonderful laws must have rubbed off on the rest of the country.

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