Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blood Pressure: 101/65

I normally take a blood pressure pill in the morning, and two of them at dinner.  I did not take one this morning: 101/65.  That's astonishing.  The real test is how things are this afternoon.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon.  My blood pressure was about 153/81 by noon.  I took my evening pills a bit late last night, and that was probably why the blood pressure was still so low.  I know that it will take a few months for my blood pressure to get back to normal (or retirement, or Obama and Biden being beamed up to the Klingon ship), but I am still not happy about it.


Rich Rostrom said...

Obama and Biden being beamed up to the Klingon ship...

That's a completely unfair insult

What on earth (or off Earth, more properly) would Klingon warriors want with useless weenies like Obama and Biden?

JLW III said...