Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another Day, And The Fog Rolls Back In A Little

I was feeling so good last night, as my blogging activity made clear. I actually slept past my usual time for 500 mg acetaminophen dosage this morning. This alone is an improvement for which I'm quite grateful.

However, once I completed the physically demanding activity of showering and getting dressed, the anesthetic fog rolled back in, and I accomplished nothing this morning. I'm feeling a little better now, but it is definitely a series of wins and loses each day to get myself back to where I was.

Update: I have noticed that I am sometimes dizzy in the mornings; perhaps because these medicines designed to keep my blood pressure low until all of the repairs have been completed are an issue, or perhaps because I belong on all four hooves.


Unknown said...

If you start feeling an unusual craving for carrots, sugar, and hay you should probably contact your veterinarian.

Gladorn said...

Heh. "Four hooves." I see what you did there.

I'm happy to read that you are recovering from your procedure.

Rorschach said...

There is a lot of ancedotal and some clinical evidence that heart lung machines result in long term mental changes and deficits. This may have nothing to do with anesthesia at all.