Monday, March 25, 2013

The Knives Article

This is the first paper published in...probably forever...about knives as constitutionally protected arms.   It will be published in University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform.  Co-authors are David Kopel and Joseph Olson.


Kirk Parker said...

Nice article!

From page 24, next-to-last paragraph:

The Oregon Supreme Court decided that the
distinction between defensive and offensive weapon was not unpersuasive,
because the characteristics of defensive and offense of weapons strongly

Shouldn't either "not" or "un" go away? As it is, it's effectively saying the opposite of what would make sense in the context.

Clayton Cramer said...

Good catch. You are right.

Kirk Parker said...

Now you know somebody actually *read* it. :-)

Kirk Parker said...

Found another one. Last paragraph before 'Conclusion' on p.36:

(for persons those who find them scary)

Transposition? Or omit "persons" entirely?