Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The hand specialist concluded that my problem is not carpal tunnel syndrome.  He was even reluctant to call it tendonitis--just that I was using the hand too much with a bad keyboard and chair.  This is very good news.


Dave said...

I have an under desk adjustable keyboard tray made by Kensington. I wonder if something like it would help your ergonomic problems.

Note: The one I have is made of cheap plastic, but at least it's a lot less expensive than any competing product.

Clayton Cramer said...

As long as your wrists are at, or below your elbows, that's what matters. I have my keyboard low enough now, and I have thought of making a keyboard tray that would fit in the top desk drawer slot of my home desk. (The advantages of being able to make almost anything you want!)

jfm said...

I also suggest that you try an ergonomic mouse, such as the "Wow Pen". This mouse works for me and cost around $30.00.