Monday, February 27, 2023

Checking Primary Sources

 From N.J.'s brief defending their requirement of affirmative consent from private property owners for licensees. 

“New Orleans in 1816, Ex. 7, prohibited “any person to enter into a public ball-room with any … weapon.” 

Left out is that the law provides:

Article 1. It shall not be lawful for any person to enter into a public ball-room with any cane, stick, sword or any other weapon , and every person having either a cane, stick, sword, or any other weapon, shall, before he enter the ball-room , deposit the same at the office which shall be at the door of the entrance of said ball-room, where there will be a person appointed to receive and take care of such articles, which he shall carefully keep, affixing to each article a number, a check of which be shall give to the owner ; and said articles shall not be returned to the persons respectively depositing them, until said persons are quitting the ball , and produce their checks.[1][emphasis added]

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